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Wedding Planning Tips

Are you planning the wedding of your dreams? More than likely, this is the biggest party you've ever thrown. There are so many details that go into this huge day!

An Interest in Pinterest
Thanks to special social media sites, such as Pinterest, wedding planning is easier than ever! Because of Pinterest, I wish I could rewind time to four years ago and plan my wedding all over again. There are so many great ideas out there!

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Wedding Tips for the Big Day (Bet you never thought of some of these!)
Thanks to the help of Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, this list will help you prepare for the perfect day. I also included some tips of my own. Enjoy!

Busted Bustle
Sometimes your dress is too heavy and it falls or breaks. Or maybe the bustle is too complicated or too complex for your bridesmaids to handle. Or, worst case scenario: Someone steps on your train and the bustles tear. If you can, have at least one of your bridesmaids accompany you to the final fitting and request that the tailor provide detailed instructions on how to tie the bustles. My wedding gown had 30 ties, each marked with corresponding letters. My maid-of-honor had a "map" to help her. Create an "emergency kit" and fill it with a sewing needle, matching heavy-duty thread, and safety pins so you can quickly repair any problems that might arise. For more great tips on emergency gown care, click here.

It might feel awkward, but hold your bouquet lower than you think. In fact, practice holding a fake bouquet in front of a mirror before your big day so you know how it feels to hold it at the right level. A lot of the beautiful beading, ruching, and other gown decorations are on the bustle, and you don't want to hide that. If you hold the flowers too high, they will hide the gown's intricate details and you won't see them in pictures.

Hidden Beauty
Even though your groom will look handsome, the truth is: All eyes are on you. Don't obstruct the view of your pretty face with too-big hairstyles and weighty veils. When shopping for a veil, enlist the help of your bridesmaids and ask for their honest opinions. Oftentimes, a friend might see something that you don't see.

Picture People
Your wedding will practically be you, your spouse, and the paparazzi (OK, actually just you, your spouse, and your family and friends). While it's true that there will be lots of cameras and lots of people vying for the best shots, don't make your friends or family be your sole photographers. Hire a professional photographer so your family and friends can enjoy watching you tie the knot. Don't hand out assignments to your loved ones. Let them enjoy the day with you.

On Time
The ceremony is over and your reception is following.... two hours later? Sometimes, the time between your ceremony and reception can make or break your entire party. Too short, and people feel like they're being rushed; but too long, and people get bored or anxious and want to leave. So, how much time is the perfect amount of time? That's up to you. However, if you plan on leaving lots of time between the ceremony and reception, present guests with entertainment, such as cocktails, hors d'ouevres, and music. Some receptions even offer fun things like photo booths with souvenir photos. These things will keep guests occupied as they wait for you to take pictures. Or if you would like to spend more time with your guests, take pictures before the ceremony. It might spoil the surprise, but sometimes that alone time with your soon-to-be spouse can help calm pre-ceremony nerves.

The More the Merrier
Keep in mind that children, especially younger children, need to be entertained and supervised. Make sure your little flower girl or ring bearer get to sleep early the night before so they have plenty of energy for the long day ahead. Entertain kids at the reception with coloring books, snacks, and other quiet activities. Make sure children are fed promptly. And, don't forget to invite them to dance. Kids love the energy!

Relax and Enjoy
My best advice: Enjoy the day. Say "hello" to everyone. Look around and savor each moment. Everyone is here for you! The day will fly by. You'll see things go wrong and, well, there's nothing you can do about it. Don't let the little things bother you because mostly likely, you are the only one who knows those things are wrong or out of place. Remember the point of this day: Marry your best friend and celebrate with the people you love most. If you remember that, your day will be everything you hoped for and more.

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